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Re: SEUL: The various projects of SEUL

In message <274d4b52.364617e6@aol.com>, eamorical@aol.com writes:
>Since Doug just brought up the subject, I thought this would be a good time to
>add to it. Yesterday while I was looking at the links from the front page, I
>realized that something has to be done about seul-pub, seul-seg, seul-research
>and seul-announce. I don't think they want to stay on the front page. Other
>than on the front page, I don't believe they exist anywhere else than the

(ok, ok, so there isn't a www.seul.org/pub/www/. I guess I never bothered
making it. It currently lives at www.seul.org/pub/website/)
And there isn't anything more than a seul-announce mailing list, because
it's not a group, it's just a list.

>archive page. We really need to have a mailing lists (projects) page with a
>subscription mechanism. Perhaps in conjunction with Subscribe (Subscription

Well, the www.seul.org/archives/ page is pretty good at that, except it isn't
kept up to date with which lists are talking about what, and which lists
people are encouraged to ignore. Soon.

>box for site visitors). I was thinking that you need an ongoing web site
>development effort, I guess that's seul-pub. Maybe it should be seul-web. Also

seul-pub-www@seul.org. It's been announced many a time. But currently I prefer
having discussion on seul-pub, since it keeps it centralized and it seems like
everybody wants to hear it.

>what's happened to the survey. I've been thinking that it should be combined
>with the web site effort since they're related. I'm putting together a summary

I shall be posting to seul-research soon. Really. :}

>of the educational discussions on seul-pub and seul-research and will put it
>on seul-edu. One's starting to get buried in all the activity.

Sounds like a plan. Please make an effort to not drown them out and scare
them away. I expect some of the people on that list are teachers and aren't
used to massive-throughput mailing lists.... :)

(Btw, any comments on that index2.html?)