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Re: SEUL: Website & to-do

EAMorical@aol.com wrote:
> Micah,
> You bring up the problem with the ToDo list that I've been trying to address.
> Roger and I have had a disagreement over this for some time. We're both trying
> to accomplish the same thing but are looking at it from totally different
> viewpoints. Roger wants the ToDo on the front page which I don't. This has
> been settled with 'Volunteer Work Available' on the front page linked to ToDo.
> Here is my problem with it. I believe ToDo belongs with a project.

> Anyway my idea
> is to put a ToDo list with each project stating what's being done, who's doing
> it, how much has been accomplished and expected completion date. From the
> front page link 'Volunteer Work Available' to a classified ad section
> organized not by projects but by skills required.

I think it's a good idea to have specific ToDo lists for each project
associated with that project, and a general ToDo list for SEUL as a
whole.  These lists might be ordered by skills required or by tasks
needed for a particular project, or both.  Would it be very difficult to
run some sort of elementary database that listed needs by project, skill
type, work remaining, etc.?  Then the information could be sorted and
filtered for each use and could generate a skills-based page for all of
SEUL, a project-based page (perhaps sorted by sub-projects or skills)
for each project's page, etc.

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