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Re: SEUL: Website & to-do

You bring up the problem with the ToDo list that I've been trying to address.
Roger and I have had a disagreement over this for some time. We're both trying
to accomplish the same thing but are looking at it from totally different
viewpoints. Roger wants the ToDo on the front page which I don't. This has
been settled with 'Volunteer Work Available' on the front page linked to ToDo.
Here is my problem with it. I believe ToDo belongs with a project. For a
single project organization like Gnome having the ToDo list on the front page
is fine.  SEUL is a growing multiproject organization. I feel there should be
a ToDo list associated with each project. As currently implemented the ToDo
list does not really tell one what skills are needed etc. Roger made a good
point about letting people know what's been accomplished. I'm at my usual
problem. I've got so many ideas going on I'm starting to get everything
jumbled up. I've got to work on keeping to one idea at a time. Anyway my idea
is to put a ToDo list with each project stating what's being done, who's doing
it, how much has been accomplished and expected completion date. From the
front page link 'Volunteer Work Available' to a classified ad section
organized not by projects but by skills required. This way we don't have
someone with writing skills looking at something that requires knowledge about
writing device drivers. Also this puts us in a position of utilizing people
who can donate lets say an hour a week. We can put small tasks in the
classified ads which these people can readily accomplish. I hope we can
discuss the web site in general. We have great potential to do things. Finally
thanks Roger, Chuck and everyone else who helped, for the great job on the new
front page. Lets continue the great work.