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Re: SEUL: Website & to-do

> You bring up the problem with the ToDo list that I've been trying to address.
> Roger and I have had a disagreement over this for some time. We're both trying
> to accomplish the same thing but are looking at it from totally different
> viewpoints. Roger wants the ToDo on the front page which I don't. This has

I agree it would probably be a good idea to classify things
differently.  And by all means take the stuff off the to-do that we
aren't doing anymore!  Core/layers project?

Speaking of core/layers, SEUL does indeed deserve credit in this one. 
We were here talking about it before the LSB, and I think we're the ones
that spurred them into action (or am I wrong about this?).

But it would be a good idea to split this list up into educational
stuff, categorized by skill (survey taking, writing, coding) and other
stuff (seul-doc, web, etc).