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Re: SEUL: Reasoning for www.xx.seul.org (in other countries)

On Thu, 25 Nov 1999, Roger R Dingledine wrote:

> Doug has asked me to clarify why we might want other machines not
> in the US as part of the SEUL infrastructure. Here are some reasons:
> As to the details of how this would work, I propose setting up a
> subdomain for each country. That is, fr.seul.org, br.seul.org, etc.
> We should brainstorm for a while as to what we might use these other
> machines for. So far, I see:
> I get the feeling I'm missing some good ideas. Please feel free to
> bring up whatever suggestions come to mind. :)
As usual, I have something to add.  Conceivably, there may be projects that fit
the SEUL guidelines that are culture- or country-specific.  I'm thinking of
things like tax-preparation software; other people can probably add other
possibilities.  Such projects and their documents and programs would probably be best
located on these servers, since they would be most useful to people from the
individual areas and since they would provide some local content that would help get
away from the tired old American imperialist label.  If we don't localize these
servers in some way, I suspect they'll just be viewed as yet another US intrusion
into the local culture.

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