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SEUL: Re: Reasoning for www.xx.seul.org (in other countries)

On Thu, 25 Nov 1999, Roger R Dingledine wrote:

> Doug has asked me to clarify why we might want other machines not
> in the US as part of the SEUL infrastructure. Here are some reasons:

I have 'access' to two boxes which /might/ be possible cadidates.

Box 1) xti.org currently hosting my web site cognite.net, and is located
in Norway. I have spoken to the box admin/owner about hosting some small  
crypto archives for indy, and he is quite willing to help. The box is a
little short on disk space, so I'm not sure about it's capacity to host
translations, or anything extra. Terje did say the server would probably
be upgraded soon, tho. Has it's own primary DNS, etc. but could possibly
do with secondary DNS. (for xti.org, cognite.net and whatever else is
hosted there.)

Box 2) cognite.penguinpowered.com, my home lan server, located under my
desk here in the UK. I'm not sure about the speed/stability of the
connection, as it is a 486/33 running over a cable modem. I will be happy
to host anything I can. DNS will have to be done via justlinux.com's DynIP
service, as my IP is dchp assigned. Disk space is limited, but I'm looking
to get a second hand disk drive and until I do I can minimise the Indy
install on my desktop, and use the second hdd from there, if needed, or
plug in my zip drive.


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