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SEUL: Re: [Fwd: Addition to commercial port advocacy howto]

> I think that many of the companies you speak with would be amenable to
> our approach, even if they have no interest in Linux or porting their
> products in general. In the meantime, as Loki ramps up for business, we'd
> appreciate your simply mentioning that we exist, and that outsourcing is
> an option.

Helping people port over software seams like a great idea to me.

1 : Lend me your source and let me port

2 : Sit back and watch me try to market it while you have the 
	option of doing adds too.

3 : Split the pile of money that will be rolling in with me.

This is just such a neat business plan I am surprised nobody ever
of it before.  Except those goys who maintain the *nix version of 
> Best regards,
> Scott Draeker
> President
> Loki Entertainment Software