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Re: SEUL: [Fwd: Re: RedHat Knowledge Base]

If I understand things, you want to basically set up a knowledge
retrieval system. If done carefully it should be able to work on any
knowledge once the knowledge is in a knowledge database. One
may have to rework the front end (user interface) but that should
be no problem. If its done with freely distributable software it would
be available to everyone. Thus Aaron could use it for the Red Hat
Linux User's FAQ if he wants to and SEUL could use it for whatever
purposes they wish. It could be used for an educational knowledge
system etc. Start a pilot project. People will make suggestions. Pitch
in etc. Get something out quick. Let people try it out. Doing something
like this leverages one's effort in the sense it becomes usable by many
people to create many more things. Ultimately one could easily put
hundreds if not thousands of people to work preparing and updating
knowledge for databases. Go for it.