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Re: SEUL: [Fwd: Re: RedHat Knowledge Base]

"Aaron D. Turner" wrote:

> Before you continue down this path, please contact me.  There already
> exists a Red Hat Linux User's FAQ which I maintain, and would appear to
> fill the need that people indicate exists.  As this site has been around
> for over a year and already is known within the Linux/Red Hat community,
> it would be in my opinion, better to continue this work and expand upon
> it, rather than create a new site from scratch which would compete.

Wow, I even had that bookmarked.  It *is* cool, I just wasn't sure that
it was exactly what I was thinking of.  Nevertheless, it would be a good
base, probably better than starting over.  Thanks!

It should probably be more general, to be useful for ALL Linux distros
(a lot of info is anyway...it should just be labeled as such).  And it
should just accumulate all the tips and tricks people can come up with. 

We'll see where this goes.  It looks good.