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Re: SEUL: [Fwd: Re: RedHat Knowledge Base]



I have occasionally thought about opening up the scope of the RHLUFAQ to
Linux in general, but so far have decided not to.  With the existance of
the LDP, why do we need another "general Linux" FAQ/HOWTO?  The way I see
Linux documentation working is that you have a single all encompassing
site (the LDP) and then a number of sites that are specialized for each
individual distro.  By specializing, the information becomes more relevant
and tends to be more accurate.  What may work on Red Hat, may not work on
Debain, or SUSE for that matter.  Few contributors to the FAQ could tell
you if their answer works for other distributions, because they have no or
little experiance with the other distributions.

The second issue is that I have enough problems in keeping up with the
quality of the entries of the FAQ.  If entries started coming in for
Debian, SUSE, Stampede, Caldera, etc, the quality of the FAQ would
decrease because I couldn't tell you if the entry would work or not.  At
least with Red Hat I can make an educated guess or even try it out.  Of
course if you're knowledgeable of one or more of these distributions and
are willing to help me proof-read, then that's different!

So far though, few people have proven themselves reliable or trustworthy
in assisting me with the FAQ.  The only group I do trust is my current
list of mirrors who have proven themselves.  I occasionally get someone
offering to help clean up the entries, write better JavaScript, etc.  More
times than not, they disappear never to be heard from again after I send
them something to work on.

So if you or anyone else want's to help, let me know.  But please take a
little time to determine if you can really commit to this.  I'm more than
willing to answer questions you might have, regarding what you can do and
how you can help, but don't waste my time if you're not serious.

Of course, if anyone can offer up some server hardware to host the site
that would be great too.  Bandwidth isn't an issue for me since my company
has plenty to spare (100Mbps Ethernet, co-located at Exodus
Communications). It would be nice to get the master site off of my ISP's
web server.

Aaron Turner, RHLUFAQ Maintainer

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On Sun, 18 Oct 1998, Micah Yoder wrote:

> Wow, I even had that bookmarked.  It *is* cool, I just wasn't sure that
> it was exactly what I was thinking of.  Nevertheless, it would be a good
> base, probably better than starting over.  Thanks!
> It should probably be more general, to be useful for ALL Linux distros
> (a lot of info is anyway...it should just be labeled as such).  And it
> should just accumulate all the tips and tricks people can come up with. 
> :-)
> We'll see where this goes.  It looks good.

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