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Re: SEUL: [Fwd: Re: RedHat Knowledge Base]

"Aaron D. Turner" wrote:

> I have occasionally thought about opening up the scope of the RHLUFAQ to
> Linux in general, but so far have decided not to.  With the existance of
> the LDP, why do we need another "general Linux" FAQ/HOWTO?  The way I see

The LDP is actually quite a bit different from a knowledge base.  Your
FAQ is closer.  A KB has a LOT of questions in MANY different
categories.  The LDP has books and HOWTOs, which cover a smaller number
of things in depth.  Both are useful and needed.

> and tends to be more accurate.  What may work on Red Hat, may not work on
> Debain, or SUSE for that matter.  Few contributors to the FAQ could tell
> you if their answer works for other distributions, because they have no or
> little experiance with the other distributions.

The M$ knowledge base and TechNet have lines that say "Applies to
Windows 95" or "Applies to NT 3.51" or whatever.  That's what something
like this should be.  It would tell which distros it's known to work

> The second issue is that I have enough problems in keeping up with the
> quality of the entries of the FAQ.  If entries started coming in for
> Debian, SUSE, Stampede, Caldera, etc, the quality of the FAQ would
> decrease because I couldn't tell you if the entry would work or not.  At

It should most certainly have MANY maintainers.  Probably 3 or 4 for
each distro, plus others for topics like Samba, PostgreSQL, Apache
configuration, etc.  So it should not limit itself to the Linux system,
but also the common software.

A good knowlege base would probably have at least 20-30 people
maintaining it.

> least with Red Hat I can make an educated guess or even try it out.  Of
> course if you're knowledgeable of one or more of these distributions and
> are willing to help me proof-read, then that's different!

Nope, I've only used RedHat and an ANCIENT Slackware..... :-)

> Of course, if anyone can offer up some server hardware to host the site
> that would be great too.  Bandwidth isn't an issue for me since my company

Yes, getting a dedicated computer is almost essential for something of
this scale.  Yours seems to work well for now, but if we do all this,
we'll also want an easy to remember URL.  I don't think I could donate
one now...sorry!

We should get a plan though.  How big do we want it to get?  What needs
to be done?  When that's decided, I think I could help with some things,
assuming other volunteers are there to do other things - proofreading,