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Re: SEUL: New Image

In message <>, cbhiii-linux@ic.net 
>Ya Bob,
>I agree. I went to the gnome site and it has a nice feel and better
>contrast on the eyes. I working in that direction now. Good feedback, keep
>it coming.
>At 09:25 AM 10/23/98 EDT, EAMorical@aol.com wrote:
>>I was just thinking, why do I find the smaller type more objectionable here
>>than on some other sites. It crossed my mind that it may be the contrast
>>between the writting and the background. For some reason the white
>writting on
>>the blue background appears fuzzier than other color combinations. You might
>>try experimenting with a different color combination and I will keep my eyes
>>open for a good combination. Also when you post a new look, it would be a
>>idea to include the site address for the benefit of any new comers.

Is www.debian.org considered a good layout? I have zero aesthetic taste,
but I kind of like it.

In any case, when i load cvs.seul.org/~cbhiii/, the entire right side of my
netscape window is unused. I recognize this is for those people who have
small screens, but can we get it working so it fills out horizontally to
fill up the screen netscape gives it?

I think the crap about 'without a phd, without having to call tech support,
...' is, well, crap. But that's not a criticism of the layout. :)

I also get the impression from looking at the blue borders at the top/bottom
that the blue is not actually a border around the text, but rather it's an
accidental color leakage from the blue on the left. on the gnome site, it's
actually very clear that there's a background design, and some text in a
window on top of that. here it just looks like it's hacked on from the side.