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Re: SEUL: New Image

In a message dated 10/23/98 1:47:31 PM EST, arma@mit.edu writes:

>Is www.debian.org considered a good layout? I have zero aesthetic taste,
>but I kind of like it.

Debian is an excellent layout and I like it too. This is another good
for ideas. For me this is the critical issue and Debian is a good example. Do 
we want the repeat web site visitor to see over and over 'What is SEUL 
(Debian)' or the page links which is really what they are after. If we decide
it should be a message then it should be one that we want the visitor to be
ever mindful of not just some general piece of information. I've got to do
something to try to put out my ideas on how I think we can really make a
difference in bring Linux to the end user because now is the time to
consider them.

>In any case, when i load cvs.seul.org/~cbhiii/, the entire right side of my
>netscape window is unused. I recognize this is for those people who have
>small screens, but can we get it working so it fills out horizontally to
>fill up the screen netscape gives it?

This is beyond my current expertise.
>I think the crap about 'without a phd, without having to call tech support,
>...' is, well, crap. But that's not a criticism of the layout. :)

Oh! Oh! Roger found a bug. This is part of my thinking that we have to go
over and over things constantly refining them. In time we'll get them right.
>I also get the impression from looking at the blue borders at the top/bottom
>that the blue is not actually a border around the text, but rather it's an
>accidental color leakage from the blue on the left. on the gnome site, it's
>actually very clear that there's a background design, and some text in a
>window on top of that. here it just looks like it's hacked on from the side.

Again this is beyond me current expertise. I don't know. Maybe it's a blue
background with some text windows on top of it. Anyway I have a couple
of AOL observations (I don't know if they are specific to AOL or not). 
When I go from link to link on most web sites, the current URL shows in a
box on AOL. With the SEUL site the URL never changes. It just remains
Next, on some sites when I hit a link and return I'm placed at the same page
position I was at before I hit the link. On other sites when I hit a link and
return I'm placed at the top of the page and have to scroll down to where I
was at. This behavior is not even consistant within a web site. Some pages
may act one way and other pages the other way. The SEUL links page acts
a little different in that one is returned to a position slightly below the
of the page. This is annoying when trying various links toward the bottom of
the page since one has to keep scrolling all the way down. Just thought I'd
mention these things to see if they can/should be fixed.