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Re: SEUL: New Image

At 06:48 PM 10/23/98 EDT, EAMorical@aol.com wrote:
>In a message dated 10/23/98 1:47:31 PM EST, arma@mit.edu writes:
>>Is www.debian.org considered a good layout? I have zero aesthetic taste,
>>but I kind of like it.
>Debian is an excellent layout and I like it too. This is another good
>candidate for ideas.

It has a nice design but I am working on a better color scheme for ours
right now. I don't like Debian's colors. The content on the left is layed
out nice.

>For me this is the critical issue and Debian is a good example. Do 
>we want the repeat web site visitor to see over and over 'What is SEUL 
>(Debian)' or the page links which is really what they are after. If we decide
>it should be a message then it should be one that we want the visitor to be
>ever mindful of not just some general piece of information. I've got to do
>something to try to put out my ideas on how I think we can really make a
>difference in bring Linux to the end user because now is the time to
>consider them.

I agree with this also. Ageneral statement saying that they have arrived at
SEUL will be fine. 'What is' can be a link. If you have to, use a text
editor and type out your ideas or a paint program and draw them out. Ideas
are ideas... let's see them all.

>>I think the crap about 'without a phd, without having to call tech support,
>>...' is, well, crap. But that's not a criticism of the layout. :)
>Oh! Oh! Roger found a bug. This is part of my thinking that we have to go
>over and over things constantly refining them. In time we'll get them right.
>>I also get the impression from looking at the blue borders at the top/bottom
>>that the blue is not actually a border around the text, but rather it's an
>>accidental color leakage from the blue on the left. on the gnome site, it's
>>actually very clear that there's a background design, and some text in a
>>window on top of that. here it just looks like it's hacked on from the side.
>Again this is beyond me current expertise. I don't know. Maybe it's a blue
>background with some text windows on top of it. Anyway I have a couple
>of AOL observations (I don't know if they are specific to AOL or not). 
>When I go from link to link on most web sites, the current URL shows in a
>box on AOL. With the SEUL site the URL never changes. It just remains

That's because of the current frames SEUL is using. Not AOL.

>Next, on some sites when I hit a link and return I'm placed at the same page
>position I was at before I hit the link. On other sites when I hit a link and
>return I'm placed at the top of the page and have to scroll down to where I
>was at. This behavior is not even consistant within a web site. Some pages
>may act one way and other pages the other way. The SEUL links page acts
>a little different in that one is returned to a position slightly below the
>of the page. This is annoying when trying various links toward the bottom of
>the page since one has to keep scrolling all the way down. Just thought I'd
>mention these things to see if they can/should be fixed.

This is based on the browser only and not on the web sites you visit. The
web browser remembers under certain conditions. But I don't have all of
those answers...



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