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Re: SEUL: New Image

I just checked your latest and greatest. Beautiful, now we've got something
out there we can talk about. Now I've got to explain it to Roger. First
concerning 'ToDo', I believe we're getting to the same thing but from slightly
different viewpoints. What you would accomplish with 'ToDo', I would
accomplish with 'Volunteer Work Available'. For you a click on 'ToDo' takes
one to a list of things someone could work on. For me a click on 'Volunteer
Work Available' takes one to a page with classified job ads containing the
things someone could work on. Newspapers have used this scheme for get workers
and jobs together for over a 100 years. Anyway this my idea on it. Next what I
want to ultimately accomplish with the end user links is to create the entire
information resource the end user needs to use Linux from what is Linux to
what applications are available for Linux. Same thing for developer links.
You'll say what about SEUL projects. The developer links will lead to them.
The  end user links contain the potential of all possible end user information
and the developer links contain the potential of all possible projects. The
links are general there are no restrictions on them. They can be to SEUL or
anywhere else. The web site visitor is taken to where the visitor wants to go
and is not restricted to SEUL. I know this is hard to see. Everything is there
not in actuality but in potential. The main part looks strange we don't yet
have a sentence or two describing each heading. I said once we finalize the
headings, I will write the sentences. We'll get through this somehow.