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SEUL: SEUL/edu website redesign

   I've brought the SEUL/edu projects page more or less up to date (I still have
to hear from Justin Maurer about his gradebook, and I think I'll move LENPP off
this page and onto the links page), and I've done some work on the links page. 
I have yet to contact Stephen Quam to see where he is on the software database

   We've got to get moving on this, folks!  I like Ian's SEUL/edu home page
proposal; if no one has any objections to it, I'd like to have someone with a good
color sense take a look at it, make any recommendations warranted, and then make
the needed changes and go live with it.  Of course, the color scheme should be
the same throughout the site.  I'd like all of SEUL to be consistent in some
way, either basic layout or color scheme (or both), but for now keeping SEUL/edu
consistent will do.

   So if you know anyone with a good sense of visual design, have them look at
<http://cvs.seul.org/~ianb/main-seul-edu.html> and give it a critique.  Let us
know what they say ASAP.  I know next week is a holiday week in the US, but I'd
like to get moving on this before Dec. 1.  This doesn't require lots of effort on
anyone's part; let's do it!

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