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Re: SEUL: SEUL/edu website redesign

On Sat, Nov 20, 1999 at 05:27:22PM +0000, Doug Loss wrote:
>    We've got to get moving on this, folks!  I like Ian's SEUL/edu home page
> proposal; if no one has any objections to it, I'd like to have someone with a good
> color sense take a look at it, make any recommendations warranted, and then make
> the needed changes and go live with it.  Of course, the color scheme should be
> the same throughout the site.  I'd like all of SEUL to be consistent in some
> way, either basic layout or color scheme (or both), but for now keeping SEUL/edu
> consistent will do.

I'd like to move the News section to its own box above the others, and 
do something with the bottom two categories (Applications and Projects,
and Resources and Links) which don't seem divided quite right.

Oh, and the green is ugly.  What was I thinking?  If someone has a good
conceptual notion of what the site should look like -- something like
"bright and primary-color-filled" or "pastels with frilly stuff" (well,
those are just examples).  The concrete design can follow from that, but
I don't think we have any particular theme for the design that we've
settled upon, or even discussed much.

This design doesn't have to be too great -- I'd hope we will set it up
so that it's easy to change.  Getting something up and moving is more

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