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Re: SEUL: Zope on SEUL

On Sat, Nov 20, 1999 at 05:33:27PM +0000, Doug Loss wrote:
>    I've had a few people (Bruno, Bill Tihen, others I don't remember off the top
> of my head) ask about the possibility of Zope on SEUL.  From what I understand
> about it, it would open up significant possibilities to us.  I freely admit that
> I don't know the first thing about how hard it would be to install or maintain.

My concern would be that the content would be tied to Zope/DTML.

But perhaps Zope has a way to do dynamic translation between a neutral
markup and Zope's desired format (which then is translated into HTML)...?

If so, then Zope's as good anything else, except there's people here
that really like it, which makes it better...

From what I've read of the docs for Zope, it looks good.  I haven't
read deeply enough to find anything that relates specifically to making
semantically-marked content.  Does anyone know how this would work?
I assume (I would hope) that the template/style applied to the site
goes beyond an html-header/footer and DTML variables, etc.?

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