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SEUL: Website still going on?

Hi guys.  Sorry I slipped away there for a while.  I was moving.
Computers in boxes and new ISPs and all that.  Do either of you
have any advice on PPP and hostnames?  I haven't done PPP up
until now, and I'm getting all these problems with improper

Anyway, I'd like to get to work if we can.  I think the we
need to really just do stuff, and then we'll have something done,
and then we'll keep doing stuff, and eventually it will all be
good and the people shall look upon it and give it their
blessing.  Or something.  The website design has been talked
about for a while, and it should start happening.

Can we set up an alternate site (www.seul.org/edu/experimental)
to create the new pages in parrellel?

I'd be interested in sorting through all the archives and making
a more useful archive -- human editted and all that.  That sort
of thing appeals to my monotonous, anal side sometimes.

On Wed, Sep 29, 1999 at 10:53:21AM -0700, Robert Hopcroft wrote:
> This sounds good to me. I've been learning HTML also, so that I can try
> and do something to the site. I was wondering where you are at as far as
> having an account on cran etc. Roger gives out the accounts but I could
> help you through the process of getting set up as I have just been
> through it. I would get ssh set up on your computer before asking for an
> account since you will want to change the password as soon as possible.
> I don't know if you are coming from Linux or Windows but for reference
> I'm running Linux (RedHat 6.0) on a dual booted system and have a 24/7
> DSL connection. Anyway let me know if I can help.

At this point I don't have an account on cran.  Should I just email Roger?
What's his email address?

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