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Re: SEUL: Website still going on?

On Sat, 16 Oct 1999, Ian Bicking wrote:
> Do either of you
> have any advice on PPP and hostnames?  I haven't done PPP up
> until now, and I'm getting all these problems with improper
> hostnames.
Be more specific on the problems, and we can try to help.  I use ppp all the
time, and the only problem I have is the occasional <does not resolve> message
from my caching DNS server.

> Anyway, I'd like to get to work if we can.  I think the we
> need to really just do stuff, and then we'll have something done,
> and then we'll keep doing stuff, and eventually it will all be
> good and the people shall look upon it and give it their
> blessing.  Or something.  The website design has been talked
> about for a while, and it should start happening.
Agreed.  Let's rough out a plan for the site, parcel out responsibilities, and
have at it.

> Can we set up an alternate site (www.seul.org/edu/experimental)
> to create the new pages in parrellel?
I don't think we should revise just seul-edu.  The whole site needs a redo. 
Whatever we do should apply to SEUL generally.

> I'd be interested in sorting through all the archives and making
> a more useful archive -- human editted and all that.  That sort
> of thing appeals to my monotonous, anal side sometimes.
Show us what you're thinking of, and if it doesn't suck we'll probably agree to
it. :-)

> At this point I don't have an account on cran.  Should I just email Roger?
> What's his email address?

Yup, email Roger at <arma@mit.edu>.  Oh, BTW I've just subscribed to
seul-pub-www so I can help out too.  Big surprise, eh?

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