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Re: SEUL: Website still going on?

> Can we set up an alternate site (www.seul.org/edu/experimental)
> to create the new pages in parrellel?

I might be simpler to develop them locally on cran (not in CVS),
such that it would be http://cvs.seul.org/~dloss/ or something similar.

But then again, that's what cvs is for. (If only our cvs system were
as functional as I'd like it to be.) I should take a look at it sometime,
but it's low priority as you can imagine. :(

Anyway, the summary is that there are a number of ways of making an
alternate site. We'll see who's actually generating pages, and choose
a solution from there. Don't let this stop you from generating pages. :)
> I'd be interested in sorting through all the archives and making
> a more useful archive -- human editted and all that.  That sort
> of thing appeals to my monotonous, anal side sometimes.
Bob's been doing a lot of work on that. Check out his pages at
> At this point I don't have an account on cran.  Should I just email Roger?
> What's his email address?
Roger has this nasty habit of reading all the seul lists. :) What address
would you like @seul.org? ian is unclaimed, as is bickiia.