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Re: Unicode; Was: list o' importants

 This AOL is garbage but it's all I have at the moment.
 Thanks Pete for the help on Unicode support. I did find
 some additional information in the March 1997 Byte
 page 106. I debated whether or not to post it, but
 decided to since its fairly extensive.

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<< Subj:	 Re: Unicode; Was: list o' importants

 Date:	98-07-09 16:05:22 EDT
 From:	pete_st_onge@iname.com (Pete St. Onge)
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 >>> * Unicode support
 >> How widespread is unicode? Does microsoft support it?
 >  Still researching this one too.
       It's built into NT from the ground up. Not built into Win95, very
  unlikely to find it in Win98 as too many architectural changes would
  have been required.


 Apple - has utility for converting data to and from Unicode.
 Windows 3.x - can use Win 32's for converting data to and
                       from Unicode.
 Windows95 - API converts data to and form Unicode.
 Windows NT - assumes Unicode (as Pete said built in) converts
                       other character sets.
 UNIX - very little Unicode support.
 Java - defines Unicode as its default data type.

 Linux - It seems to me I have seen Unicode support mentioned
            somewhere on the GNOME or BERLIN/WARSAW web
            sites. I can't recall if it exists or is just being talked about.