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Re: list o' importants

In message <7cdbad16.35a584e9@aol.com>, eamorical@aol.com writes:
> I would like to make a couple of suggestions regarding
> the user categories.
> First I would break students out from the
> General Home user category into two categories K12
> and college. I think the way each of these groups uses a
> computer is sufficiently different to justify the split. Also I

Will we be asking roughly the same questions of each group? If
so, can we just differentiate between the two groups based on
the "age" or "education" responses in the user profile section?

I am very hesitant to break up this user type, because I think it's
the one that's going to be the most important for our survey.

> think you should collect data on K12 because I believe it
> is a big potential user of Linux. K12 schools are presently


> busy upgrading school computer courses and hardware.
> I thought I saw a SEUL project on schools. 

There is a k12-linux distribution project going on local to Omega.
From a Portland linux user group announcement from march/april:
|         (2)  PLUG for Education  (Linux in k-12 schools)
|              David Palmer <dwpalmer@dwpalm.jf.intel.com> will discuss this.
I don't think it's progressing very quickly, but it's the thought
that counts. :}

> Second I would reconsider SOHO. It's nice lumping things
> together but there is a problem with this one. There are too
> many meanings.

I think this should be solved by changing the name and/or
description, not by separating things further. I think
fundamentally these guys are all in the same category --
they use stuff that a "business user" would use, but they use
it by themselves or in a small group of people, and they
probably don't have a paid systems administrator dedicated
to them.