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Re: list o' importants

> There is a k12-linux distribution project going on local to Omega.
> From a Portland linux user group announcement from march/april:
> |         (2)  PLUG for Education  (Linux in k-12 schools)
> |              David Palmer <dwpalmer@dwpalm.jf.intel.com> will discuss this.
> I don't think it's progressing very quickly, but it's the thought
> that counts. :}

It's going quite nicely.  It's not a project to create a distribution, it's 
a project to get Linux servers in schools.  6 machines were donated by 
Intel, and a total of ~14 machines were installed with Linux at the 
workshop.  By now the majority of them are in service.

As a data source, the admins of these machines would be poor.  They're 
servers, pure and simple.  Only 2 ppl of 50 raise their hand when asked if 
any end-user software would be run on these machines...

I go to work now....


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