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Re: list o' importants

Roger Dingledine wrote:
> In message <35A4E947.CF82A1B2@ix.netcom.com>, kmself@ix.netcom.com writes:
> >> response later and peruse or modify it. And I was thinking about keeping the
> >> email address around in case we needed to contact the person.
> >
> >Email is a reasonable proxy for a personal identifier (not perfect, not
> >terribly bad).  It also allows validation of recipient (send a
> >confirmation message to the address -- if it's bounced, the address is
> >no good, a response is not required).  Other validation methods are
> >possible.  Slashdot checks IP addresses.  I don't think this is very
> >effective, given the number of people using ISPs with dynamic IP, and
> >possibly limiting, given firewalls (see the Slashdot survey page at
> >http://slashdot.org/).
> Just poked around slashdot a bit for a page describing their survey
> technique, and I didn't find anything other than a pile of silly questions
> and a larger pile of inane comments. Slashdot should be burned at the stake.
> (Oops. Did I say that?)

Hey, I resemble those innane comments.... <g>

You'll find a short quip at the bottom of each survey response page,

The Window Manager Home Page http://www.plig.org/xwinman/ also has a
survey, I believe this one mails a code to a user when they request it,
to avoid doublecounting (user can't use same code twice, code won't be
sent twice to same email).  Voting page is


> Now, the next problem I have is...these are "what does this person
> use a computer for?" questions, not "what is this person's computer
> used for?" 

No, it's "How does this person approach buying a computer and how
sophisticated are they likely to be".  See my earlier response on this
topic.  I kept seeing very technical questions popping up in what should
be a very simple end-user evaluation.  I think we need to figure out
when we can add meaty questions, and when we need to back off a bit.

> That is, I may have one setup at work and an entirely
> different setup at home, and I have different requirements for each
> and they fit under different models. For instance, somebody might well
> be a "business user systems admin" at work and a "development/technical
> workstation" at home. Do we just tell them to pick one? Do we let them
> fill out the survey multiple times, one for each? (If the latter, I
> definitely want to keep track of who is who in terms of surveyees.)

Yes, multiple responses.  Maybe give the option to complete two or more

> --Roger

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