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revised user types

Ok, I've removed server admin because I think he can merge with another
one, and I've removed laptop user because I don't care about him. I've
also pulled out Specialty User from SOHO/Other.

 - General (Home) user
   Gamer, Internet browser/email, wordprocessing, schoolwork, personal
   accounting, other light tasks.  Possible (but unlikely?) local network.

 - SOHO -- Small/Home Office
   Business applications (wordprocessing, spreadsheet, presentations,
   database), fax, email, web, small local network likely, possibly
   specialty software. Not likely to have dedicated individual administrator.

 - Specialty User
   Graphic artists, musicians, and other artistic types here, as well
   as some scientists, ham (packet) radio users, etc. Characterized by
   custom hardware or software and very limited and nonstandard range of

 - Development/Technical Workstation
   Heavy duty technical use, programming, hacking, applications
   development, etc.  Local network likely.  Very technical user.
   Specialized software.

 - Business User -- Mid/Large office
   Like SOHO, but more so.  Significant networking -- file, print,
   application serving.  Probable use (but not admin of) servers,
   firewalls, etc. Personal business applications (wp/spreadsheet/
   presentation/database).  Enterprise applications.  Ease of use, GUI
   are issues.

 - Business User Systems Admin -- Mid/Large office
   Use categories as above, but this is aimed at the folks who
   administer the stuff.  More emphasis on capability:cost ratio, ease of

This is starting to look like a pretty good list!