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Re: revised user types

So, I was talking to Roger this morning, and I have to say I think
that asking people to compleete the survey multiple times, once for
each personality, is not a very good idea. I think the right way to do
it is to have an opening page which both asks for a primary
personality and allows an indication of all applicable personalities.

After this, the user is presented with a page containing the baseline
questions and some questions targetted for their selected
personalities.  We can sort based on primary personality.

I think the best way to present this is as a three-columned table:

Primary		Check all	
Personality	that apply	Description
o		|_|		General (Home) user
o		|_|		SOHO
o		|_|		Specialty User

and so on. The CGI script behind it should be uncomplicated. The next
step appears to be 7 lists of questions; one general, and then one for
each personality. It's possible that we'll actually want 42 sets of
questions -- 6 copies of the baseline questions, one for each
personality, and then 6 copies of the General User questions, 6 SOHO
sets, and so on, each rephrased for a particular primary
personality. This last idea, I think, is too much work, and will skew
the survery.