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Re: revised user types

> and I've removed laptop user because I don't care about him.
Ergh!  Given the next post (re: selecting multiple 'personalities'), I 
think it's critical we have laptop usage taken into account.  A large 
(and growing) number of people use laptops, myself included.  The use of a 
laptop changes usage patterns quite drastically in some cases, and requires 
quite a bit of work to get it to operate properly in different 
environments, even (especially?) in Windoze.  There are a number of tools I 
plan to write to help deal with laptop configurations, and I can help write 
the list of questions pertaining to laptop usage.

> This is starting to look like a pretty good list!
You missed the educational users.  As per someone's comment, there are two 
types: k12 and college.  They can have dramatically different usage 
patterns.  I can't find the mail talking about that right now, I have to 
leave RSN, but I'll try to write up entries for laptop, k12, and college 
users when I get back.


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