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Re: More revised user types...

>> What I'd like to add here - Educational users - would involve folks
>> at the college / university level.
> No.
Strangely enough, I agree with Karsten... :-)

> Place these in equivalent personal/SOHO/specialty/technical/business
> user categories.  Again, I'm working on the basis of how purchase
> decisions are made, not specific area of use.  Why distinguish
> between a computer programmer and a C.S. major, a lawyer and a
> pre-law student, an author and an English major, a professor and a
> private-sector researcher?  (If you can convince me, I'll yield).
     I'm not going to try, mostly for the reasons he already gave. For
starters, the group tends to be too ecclectic in their use to segregate
them from other users (SOHO, Spec/Tech, etc). Granted, the CS hack will
use the box by and large differently from the law prof, but these both
are already well taken care of.

> While budget could be significant, especially for students, I'd
> prefer to see this handled as part of the demographics -- say a
> "profession" category, which would include one or more student
> categories (elementary, secondary (high school), undergraduate
> college (AA/BA), graduate college, academic).  This provides the
> same information with far less overhead.  I suspect the substantive
> questions would be highly repetative between academic and
> non-academic users.
     I don't see why this wouldn't work for the 'adults' - though I'm a
bit unclear about what should be done about the K-12 group, given the
potentially wide discrepancies in knowledge and aptitudes. Any ideas?



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