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(Self) Introduction

I am the regional research supervisor for the Sport Fish Division of the   
Alaska Department of Fish and Game in southcentral Alaska.  My staff deal   
with a variety of statistical and analytical problems in sport fisheries.   
 I am personally interested in seeing an OS and software that is tailored   
to the non-programmer research scientist.  Most Windows software is   
tailored to business or for a specific segment of the scientific   
community.  Commercial UNIX software is expensive.  As such, the SEUL   
concept appeals to me.  I am fairly familiar, from a end-user   
perspective, with the Linux OS and am also very familiar with Windows   
software and what my staff and I have to do to get Windows software to do   
what we want.  SAS (especially the Insight module) is the closest thing   
we have to this kind of system.

Bob Clark
Regional Research Supervisor
Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Sport Fish Division/Region II
Anchorage, AK 99508
ph. (907)267-2222
fax (907)267-2424
email: bclark@fishgame.state.ak.us