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(Self) introduction/APS -Reply

I suppose I must reply to Aldo's self-introduction, since there seem to be
only a few participants.  I'm a US citizen born in Costa Rica, PhD from UC
Berkeley,  dealing with populations of California voles (Microtus)  and
what makes them fluctuate in numbers - food the hypothesis.   then to
Australia where I climbed trees and ear-tagged ringtailed possums -
another herbivore population.  Then back to the US where I held a variety
of academic and non-academic jobs.  No more research until recently at
the US Environmental Protection Agency (a contract employee) where I
have been measuring vegetation cover on transects in the shrub-steppe
with intention of describing a landscape.  Don't look for any publications. I
never finished anything!  

I'm initerested in seeing more flexible Windows-based graphic
preparation programs, with, for example: 
# ability to define a Window and its components without resorting to the
machine language level (sorry, GFA Basic for Windows, you lost me!)
# ability to manage font size and style
# ability to move, compress, stretch, distort and rotate titles and other
identifiers easily
# similar ability to select or construct 2 and 3 dimensional objects (e.g. a
sphere, a dodecahedron) to serve as data symbols
# ability to size such data identifiers according to numeric inputs
such as quantities pertaining to the data
# ability to build 3-D graphics, to select data series in such graphics and
bring them forward or backwards in the set of data series with or
without  "live" corresponding movement of their counterpart identifers in
legend boxes
# ability to define and display response surfaces on the basis of
formulae or data matrices, and to show by means of
foreground-background shading and lines of iintersection how two
response surfaces relate to each other. 

I guess I'm done


Michael Marsh
Environmental Protection Specialist/Senior Environmental Employee
USEPA Region 10
1200 6th Avenue   ECO-084
Seattle, WA 98101