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Re: [tor-talk] Don't use Google as default search in Tor Browser?

On 11/4/2011 9:54 AM, Christian Siefkes wrote:
On 11/04/2011 03:43 PM, Joe Btfsplk wrote:
A lot of effort is put into helping Tor / TBB users avoid compromising
anonymity by using Google searches.  Yet, the Google search engine is left
in Aurora.  It's a pretty simple question - why?
How should using Google as search engine comprise your anonymity? Either
you're anonymous, then you're anonymous on Google too. Or you aren't
anonymous, then avoiding Google won't help you.
Christian, I'm not sure I understand your viewpoint, but... Assuming you mean (& / or for others' benefit), simply installing Tor or using Tor Browser gives complete anonymity, it in no way guarantees or even promises complete anonymity. Tor Project is very clear about this. Here's * one * page to start users to understand what's involved. Maybe you already knew this. https://www.torproject.org/download/download.html.en#Warning

But, no - there are many ways to * possibly * compromise anonymity while using Tor. Google searches are ONLY one, because they record search terms & * any * possible info they can possibly squeeze out of your browser. If Google searches, when using Tor, weren't ANY kind of anonymity threat, the developers wouldn't have gone to substantial trouble to offer users a way to avoid them, when encountered.

Google search engine records all search terms & ANY other possible info about your browser, etc., they can possibly squeeze out. At the VERY least, some wouldn't want recorded their search terms & certainly not the pages they visit after the search, whether using Tor or not. This is especially true if living in a repressive country.

Why can't Tor be a complete solution to all anonymity problems? Because it's impossible for ANY one or entity to idiot proof anything, 100%. No matter what you're dealing w/, or how safe it's been made, someone will always find a way to shoot themselves in the foot.
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