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Re: possibility

On Sat, 9 Sep 2000, Galen Johnson wrote:

> Anyone interested in possibly changing to the SDL SDK for xarchon
> coding?  SDL has hooks for sound, joysticks, etc. check this site out
> for info...http://www.devolution.com/~slouken/SDL/.  This could actually
> spped development up in the future by allowing us to focus on AI, etc.
> instead of sound hooks, et al.  Also, I'd like to go to a stable/dev
> release numbering system like is used for kernel devlopment.  Odd
> releases are dev releases and even releases are stable.  Thoughts?

Some thoughts on the question: currently XArchon uses GTK+ and was built
with the Glade RAD tool. While I would go fine with GTK+, Glade is a pain.

It seems SDL does not require any other library. Good. Chains of library
requirements are a pain when getting games for Linux.
I will only ask that you guys don't come with "let's use OpenGL and make
it 3D". Requiring a dual 1 GHz Athlon to run a clone of an 80ies game is
*not* good design.

One important thing about XArchon is: the board should be bigger (possibly
64x64 squares) and resizable so that people with lesser screen sizes could
play it too. (it doesn't need to be resizable to ANY size, but have a set
of 3 to 5 board sizes to choose from)

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