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Re: possibility

On Sat, 9 Sep 2000, Felipe Bergo wrote:
> Some thoughts on the question: currently XArchon uses GTK+ and was built
> with the Glade RAD tool. While I would go fine with GTK+, Glade is a pain.
> It seems SDL does not require any other library. Good. Chains of library
> requirements are a pain when getting games for Linux.
> I will only ask that you guys don't come with "let's use OpenGL and make
> it 3D". Requiring a dual 1 GHz Athlon to run a clone of an 80ies game is
> *not* good design.
> One important thing about XArchon is: the board should be bigger (possibly
> 64x64 squares) and resizable so that people with lesser screen sizes could
> play it too. (it doesn't need to be resizable to ANY size, but have a set
> of 3 to 5 board sizes to choose from)

  Ya know, dynamic resizing is pretty easy to do under OpenGL.  }8-P
Seriously though, how about we pick a handful of libs to use, and try to
limit the project to them.  It might be good for the users.  I'd vote for
something like the following:

	ANSI, or POSIX C libraries
	SDL (and dependancies)
	something for loading images? (Does SDL cover this well enough?)
	SDL-mixer (optional? maybe? It will make sound easier)
	something for mp3? (incase folks aren't happy with midi or mod)