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Re: possibility

Dan hursh wrote:

>   Ya know, dynamic resizing is pretty easy to do under OpenGL.  }8-P
> Seriously though, how about we pick a handful of libs to use, and try to
> limit the project to them.  It might be good for the users.  I'd vote for
> something like the following:
>         ANSI, or POSIX C libraries
>         SDL (and dependancies)
>         something for loading images? (Does SDL cover this well enough?)
>         SDL-mixer (optional? maybe? It will make sound easier)
>         something for mp3? (incase folks aren't happy with midi or mod)
> Thoughts?
> Dan
We definitely want to stick with ANSI C as much as possible.  SDL
actually can probably handle just about any part of the project well. 
There are several "plug-ins" available.  And I am fairly certain it uses
the libpng libraries as well.  I know it can handle xpms.  Check out the
link I sent and let me know how you guys feel about it.   Mike, Rob? 
your input would be welcome since you guys have done quite a bit of
coding lately.