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Re: Web site layout

Felipe Bergo wrote:
} On Sat, 9 Sep 2000, Galen Johnson wrote:
} > Hey Felipe,
} > 
} >   Looks good...How do you feel about javascript (the mouseover,
} > highlight the selection) you know...just the basics.
} > 
} I don't feel good. I know how to code in Javascript and am able to do it
} technically, but IMHO Javascript causes more harm than good. However if
} you guys think the site should have it, I'll put it in.

I'm with Felipe - I don't like Javascript, and have it disabled in my
browser.  I suppose if you use it for stuff which doesn't affect content or
navigation, like a mouseover highlight, there's no harm in putting it in,

							Have fun,
							 Rob R.