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Re: Web site layout

The site looks good! Very clear and simple.

>Just an observation: currently the site is Lynx friendly. (could be better
>with a textual list of links for the sections at the bottom)

Actually, I think what would really help lynx-friendliness is if the link text images had ALT tags. Or you could just make the menu a nice common font, big bold and white, instead of images. Right now you see:



I don't have any real criticisms... it looks good. One minor thing I might change is to make the navigation table a little narrower so it doesn't cut into the content so much. This is obviously really minor.

Now that I've looked at the format for credits, I'd like to have my extra text say:

"Computer field player improvements"


- Mike

>Ah, I need the names of the people who are working on the code to place in
>the credits section. Mail me privately. I only need to know name and
>email, but if you want any more text to come below your name, it's ok
>(like I placed a list of my projects under mine).
>who:     Felipe Paulo Guazzi Bergo, undergraduate in Computer Engineering
>what: Linux/FreeBSD developer and advocate. Working to ensure our freedom
>mail:    bergo@seul.org || bergo@linuxstart.com || guazzibe@ic.unicamp.br
>web:                                   http://www.ic.unicamp.br/~guazzibe
>where:                           Unicamp - Campinas - SP - Brazil - Earth
>* Keyboard error. Think <F1> to resume.


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