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Re: [f-cpu] Status quo

Hi Christophe,

Le 2015-03-30 22:52, Christophe Avoinne a ÃcritÂ:
I'm only receiving emails from whygee@xxxxxxxxx, is that normal ?

You are still subscribed with this address and I don't receive error
reports from your address. Check the archives at
for the eventual messages you may have missed then contact me.

I had a lot of interests about gaming consoles, especially about PSP
(ALLEGREX MIPS + VFPU) and worked with PSP emulation (JPCSP and
PCSP/PSPE4ALL). That VFPU was a very cool coprocessor, much more than
SSE and AVX but that is just my two cents.

I'm happy that another person likes the idea, I hope you'll contribute
with your own experience and I'm starting to prepare stuff for this sub-project.

I'll repeat that it's aimed at providing a practical, totally open,
easy-to-reproduce platform, which can be seen as a console but can
be repurposed to other applications. The eventual derivatives would then
share the design & development tools and people could change the guest FPGA,
implement another CPU...

The base/host system will be a sort of "hardware API" for the guest board,
providing power, display, common I/Os, reprogramming, debugging, in fact
all we need to actually design a CPU :-)
It will require quite a lot of work too but I've been working
on its components for several years already. It's cool to finally have
a hardware/electronic/component perspective now :-) I could even "bootstrap"
it with the other projects I've done recently.

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