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Re: Tor Hardware Router (Tor in a box)

Thomas Sjögren wrote:
I'm running tor on VIA C3 (1GHz), serving about 500-1000kbytes/sec.

It's working fine without CPU fan, but I think it's too hot for appliances since it gets more than 60 degrees Celsius.

Yeah, thats a bit to hot.
Whats the load on that server? Have you compared it to a "normal" chip?

1 min. load average is somewhere around 1 with tor 0.1.0.x. (Services except for tor is almost always asleep :-) ) FYI, it was 2 when it was running tor 0.0.9.x.

I've never run tor with other machine, since this is the only
machine that has global IP. I wish had other machines though.

Ryo Tagami