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Re: [school-discuss] Web-based School Administration...

On Tue, 2003-08-26 at 11:38, Leon Brooks wrote:
> On Fri, 22 Aug 2003 01:23, David Frankson wrote:
> > As far as databases go, we use SQL Server, and I am very happy with
> > it.  Its impressive to see 100k+ student districts and states running
> > hundreds of transactions per second.  At times we have managed to
> > push SQL Server to its limits, and we have not been able to get that
> > kind of output out of any of the open source databases.
> I'm surprised that you haven't been able to get that out of PostgreSQL 
> or ibFirebird. MySQL, I could understand; it's fine for lots of simple 
> reads but anything complex or involving many writes and it all goes 
> wahoonie-shaped. Were you running through ODBC or direct? That makes 
> about a 50% performance difference in some circumstances.
> Cheers; Leon

I'm also surprised that you have not been able to get the open source
databases to perform to a level equal or better than SQL server
(Sybase). From what I have seen the main two - MySQL and Postgres have
very good performance specs. I have found both to be very reliable
though somewhat different in performance.
I just looked on the mysql.com site to see what their latest news was.
This is just one article that highlights a point made above

"The Associated Press (AP), the world's oldest and largest news agency
with a global daily reach of 1 billion people, is leveraging the MySQL®
database to power its AP Hosted News service. The AP's mission critical
MySQL-based application serves up a massive amount of AP hosted content
and supports hundreds of thousands of transactions every day for 11,000
concurrent users."

That's not bad for an open source database.