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Re: [school-discuss] Web-based School Administration...

On Tue, 2003-08-26 at 23:13, David Frankson wrote:
>     Whoa... I don't think I've ever been called the "Microsoft guy", and I
> doubt that any "Microsoft guys" would ever subscribe to this list  :-)
> As I said before, I would like nothing more than to switch our entire
> product infrastructure over to open source, but I have been unable to find a
> db that could adaquately replace SQL Server.  This topic started when I
> asked Les his opinion on Firebird scalability, since its the only open
> source db I haven't checked out.   If anything, I don't blindly declare all
> Microsoft products bad, and all open source products good without fully
> evaluating them.  SQL Server's greatest fault is that its a Microsoft
> product, but technically its an excellent database server. (I'm pretty sure
> that's not the proverbial line that Microsoft advocates use.)

	Do you know SapDB (don't stop at the name it's completely GPLed ;-) ?
	I've used a lot of open source database from (mSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL,
Firebird and now SapDB) but SapDB is the only one that has the
"enterprise" features I was looking for. It's a fork of the AdabasD
system made available to the open source community by SAP.


ps: http://www.sapdb.org

> Until recently MySQL has been rather lacking in features compared to a more
> mature open source db like Postgres.  MySQL is just now getting basic
> subquery functionality, and thats a feature that was in Sybase long before
> Microsoft ever created their branch.  4.1 is the first version I'd ever even
> consider using for a large district SIS database.