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Re: [school-discuss] Re: LyX

On Tue, 24 Feb 2004 11:09, Randy Edwards wrote:
>     I don't mean to be too snobbish or to start a distro war, but I
> have to comment on this thread.  I'm pretty amazed at all the
> headaches you're going through just to install LyX (I mean, it's a
> popular and near-standard package, right?!).  If we were to expect a
> normal teacher to do this, Linux wouldn't be used in many places.

urpmi lyx

...or click on K, Configuration, Packaging, find LyX and click on it.

I'd expect Fedora to be like that soon, too. Distros that don't have 
similar functionality are going to be limited to niches.

I'm also expecting something of a revolution in X and related packages 
over the next year/2/3, one side-effect of which will be making Debian 
Testing at least as slick as Mandrake is now (and Mandrake will have 
progressed even further, bleeding-edge addicts that Warly and crew 
are... :-), and more stable.

Distro wars will be, in analogy, more over uniform fashions, less over 
RPG range and destructiveness.

Cheers; Leon