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Re: [seul-edu] File Space on a Samba Server

I would suggest to get a samba upgrade. 1.9.18 is old and I try to get 2.0.6.
Version 2 has a lot more enhancements and you shouldn't have any problems
upgrading. Just make sure you have a backup of smb.conf.

Kevin Brown.

Mike Wohlgemuth wrote:

> Hi all ... I am trying to find an "easy" way for users to know how much
> directory space they are using from a Win Nt workstation.
> Here is the scenario ... a samba server (1.9.18p10) that shares users home
> directories.
> The relevant part of smb.conf is
> [homes]
>    comment = %U's Files
>    browseable = no
>    writable = yes
> when the user right clicks on her folder, and selects properties, from a
> workstation (all are NT 4.0) she gets the dialog "The server does not accept
> remote requests" . If she goes inside of her directory and right clicks and
> selects properties on a folder, then she gets all relevant information.
> How do I make it so that she can also see the properties on her folder?
> Mike
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