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RE: (offtopic?) help Linux survive among NTs Re: K12 Schools Using Linux (was Re: Introduction)

Yes, You can run a linux workstation on a Win NT network.  I personally have
never done it, although I was going to try soon by installing linux on a
partition here at my workstation at school.  Anyway, check out the Samba
package.  Check out www.samba.org.

David Culp

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> Subject: 	(offtopic?) help Linux survive among NTs Re: K12 Schools
> Using Linux (was Re: Introduction)
> >You can add The French School at Taipei, Ta´wan
> >We are curently running :
> >One GNU/Linux serveur configured as a WinNT server, 
> >routeur, backup system, proxy, DNS and dial on demand to the internet 
> >and 12 Win95 workstation.
> >One GNU/Linux serveur with NFS, NIS, proxy and 18 GNU/Linux Gnome
> >workstations.
> Hello all!
> One of my friends wants to use Linux where everybody else
> (including "intranet" server is running WinNT/*).
> The questions are:
> - how to use WINS under Linux (I think, it is impossible...)
> - how to connect to proxy on WinNT (the later demands
> for some kind of authentification Linux client can't provide
> I am speaking about workstation use of Linux, not server.  (You
> know, higher schools have IT policies. Sometimes  stupid  ones,
> building all-microsoft network).
> The alternative is to give up Linux in such a case  or  provide
> those, who run NT-server with info on how to use DNS *grin* and
> make proxy accessible  without  authentification  (network-wide
> user-authentification).
> Me myself never touched WinNT 4.0 for  any  reason,  so  I  was
> nohelp when they asked what they must tune on  NT...  (they  do
> not know NT much, thus the question).
> [ Their WinNT is working very unstable - so they are reluctant to
> make big changes without superiors to know... Oh... They do not
> have even reliable mail-server... Such a shame. ]
> Well,  probably  this  outcry  is  not  offtopic  because  this
> particular case when  Linux  is  needed  in  edu  and  CANT  be
> employed (as workstation!)  due  to  stupid  all-microsoft)  IT
> policy is probably typical.
> Any help appreciated.
> (I will not name the school where this happened)
> Sincerely yours, Roman Suzi
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