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Re: [Computerbank] Possible client

Are there rooms there in the pub for Computerbankers to have a break? How

Help the town's economy but cheap enough for our volunteers?

A home away from home? How many kms from Melb.?


At 14:39 12/12/01 +1100, Greg White wrote:
>Yes, it is a sub post office, and I doubt very much that it is profitable.
>Rather, it is a necessity, and would only earn pocket money, for Priscilla
>and her husband Michael.  They only moved to the town in the last 12 Months,
>and they are managing (not owners I think) the very small pub (extremely few
>customers) with the postoffice included in the building.  Neither do I think
>that the pub would be profitable.  Just pocket money and something to do for
>an older couple.

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