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[Computerbank] The real 2000 bug/virus

The real year 2000 thousand bug was not in computers, we computer folk,
fixed this bug long ago (late 70's to early 80's), so why should it reappear
unless deliberate.  The real bug was a world wide take-over plot.  It was
really a signal for the hidden cult (nazis) to take over.  And just look how
everything has been perverted since.  Again the nazis are using stories in
religious texts and occult prophecies, preying on our beliefs and
superstitions.  The aim is to pit nation against nation.  And they 'the
hidden enemy (terrorists)' will totally take over, in the process.   They
have the full backing of the media. Us ordinary impure genetic type people
(not evolved supermen), must be controlled and stamped out.
Just an honest observation.


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