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Re: [Computerbank] Isolated places without support.

On Sat, 2002-01-05 at 17:41, Greg White wrote:
> Sorry I am sure that you love your favorite distribution,

Hmmmm, I doubt I'd use the word love but I certainly appreciate any
tools that make my working life as simple and hassle free as Debian has.

> and I will not argue with you about it.

Pity, a good discussion on the pro's-n-con's of things is always
interesting and productive.

> But you are ill informed.

That's a big call, especially as you know nothing about me. Can you
elaborate a little on the how's and why's?

> I have mastered more operating systems than you can count with 
> your fingers and toes.

Whoa! Again with the assumptions. How do you know so much about me?

> I am quite happy to make a box sit up and behave under any OS at all.

That's a place we differ. I am certainly a believer in "horses for
courses" and some horses are not worth running on poor quality courses.
some horses though, can be purpose "trained" for poor *and* high quality

> So I just fit in and work with what you people like, and smile.

It is always worthwhile to question the way things are done. Firstly
because it gives you a better understanding of why things are put
together the way they are and secondly because no-one is perfect and
there are always better ways of doing things cropping up. What was "the
best way" last year may have been superseeded this year. The IT world is
always in flux as you would already know.




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