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RE: [Computerbank] Bill rejects request for PC's for Kids

> Just a quick heads up. Did anyone else see the small article 
> in the Age (Melbourne - saturday 14/7) detailing how Bill 
> (aka Microsoft) had refused a request from a charity PC's for 
> Kids to install MS OS software on recycled PC's. Its a local 
> charity by the way from down Geelong I think. might be worth 
> following up and suggesting Linux.

I didn't see the article, but back in the early days, Computerbank had a few
chats witht the PC for Kids people - this is pretty much what I remember:

1) PC for kids had permission from to install Microsoft OS's on recycled PCs
in the US incarnation of that charity.

2) They had not sought permission in Australia to do the same - but assumed
they could anyway.

3) We *strongly* advised them to use linux - citing lisencing woes (amongst
other things).

4) They have there very own strong agenda and methods - unfortunately I dont
believe they'll ever go the linux route



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