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[Computerbank] WAS Re: Cairns [now add: or any regional node]

Hello Kerry, Kylie and everyone!

I've delayed my response to this establish-a-branch-in-Cairns possibility
until now to let the AGM dust settle -- and to have my chat with Kylie.

 Still some problems to answer

After that chat we have agreed it will take a bit to get to answering all
the problems perceived concerning the establishment of the
outside-the-capitals' nodes (smaller branches) of Computerbank in each state.

 Congratulations on going national

I refrained from posting to this grassroots form of *us* for awhile.
Getting the Computerbank Australia Inc. machinery set and whirring was the
most important thing and I did not want to be in the way of that happening.
Congratulations to everyone involved.

 Nodes are not branches

If the regional branches (nodes) want to start up in much the same way as
the states (capital cities) are, it turns out they can't just follow the
same model. For one thing, in every state, they will deal with their own
capital city branch not the national one. So every HQ for every state has
to be set up and firing first.

If the nodes don't expect computers from anywhere else but local donors and
they can source locals with the Linux expertise Computerbank requires they
have, and they have the volunteers of course, there are still several other
things the National Committee has to check them off on.

 These things are all open to discussion

However (Kylie agrees?) that is no reason we on here should not continue to
talk all of this over on an ongoing basis. 

 The responsibility of National Committee members

The first big problem is the NC (National Committee) coming to terms with
its individul members being responsible for everything that happens through
anyone working for Computerbank Australia Inc. anywhere at anytime and,
even if the people doing certain stuff aren't members, that they still
might be claimed to be at law. 

 Let's talk

So we have to progressively solve many things and, while ultimately the NC
must make the final decisions, that does not mean we cannot continue to
talk it all over on here. That's right, Kylie?

 Who is The Premier?

Everyone. "The Premier" is Kerry Bowden OAM, who's done many things in
Queensland, including holding the formation meeting of CBQ and generally
being a burr under the saddle of the establishment. But she's also
*connected* and can definitely get things done. Her virtual government of
queensland is both a hoot and intriguing, suss her site?

 Don't panic in Brisbane

Whatever, don't get panicked in Brissie, it is plain Cairns will have to do
its own thing to a large extent but within the national bylaws and
guidelines now being established. This is just as much because Cairns is
too far away from even you guys.

 Appoint node developers?

If we have someone (per state) appointed as a "node developer" for
developing these opportunities that would be a good idea. What can be done
right now can't be much more than 'the leading up to setting up stuff' but
that can still be a lot though. This can be done, finding premises for
instance, while the NC gets on top of everything it feels it has to to
accept nodes.

 What can you learn now?

While we can't resolve it all yet, Kerry and all, what don't your people
know about Computerbank that they need to know? 

Get the ones establishing Cairns (etc.) to familiarise themselves as much
as they can from the web site and archives, and join this list. That will
help everyone involved to learn about the bits they ask about along the way
and help us check across all of Computerbank Australia whether everyone
agrees about (whatever).

 The Linux experts needed

The very first thing all future Computerbank nodes need to have is people
really cluey in Linux, have you found anyone yet?

We had a site mentioned on here while you were away moving north Kerry --
where Rob of Snug found a local Linux helper (how's that going Rob?) -- can
someone repeat that advice for Kerry now, please?

It isn't definite what the local Linux experts must know across the board
and how much time they must give but Kylie has a rule of thumb or two. In
general, to ease any potential burden, try to form a cooperative team to do

 Promoting Computerbank

Kerry, how's your radio show going?

Regards to all, Bruce (Ascot Vale, Melbourne)

PS. I think the states should be called Divisions, regional cities called
Branches and (perhaps) suburban centres and small towns called Nodes. If
the naming is not already set in stone.

From: "Premier" <premier@queenslandgovernment.com>
To: <computerbank@lists.linux.org.au>
Date: 	Sat, 27 Oct 2001 08:13:40 +1000

I think Bruce may have asked if there is anyone in the Cairns area involved
with Computerbank. I was off the air while I was moving to Cairns and
getting set up. 

I do want to see a branch of Computerbank set up here as it fits in with my
work with indigenous people. I have a lot of other things on my plate being
Premier -- takes a bit of my time :-) -- but will do my bit to see it get
off the ground.

Would rather be part of the committee not set up the committee, if you know
what I mean.

I am setting up the Bank of Mentors and it would be good to have a member
of Computerbank Cairns or Far North Queensland on that board.

 Premier Kerry

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