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Re: [Computerbank] WAS Re: Cairns [now add: or any regional node]

Hello Bruce and all,

Off-topic but a few questions :-

1/ Has CB applied for any grant funding? - There is a great deal available,
especially for activities benefiting regional, rural, remote, and indigenous
communities. Some of these grants can be up to $200K for eligible projects,
and the fact that CB is not a finalised 'entity' (am I right?) is not a
prohibitor to applying for, or receiving a grant - in fact many of the
available grants include provision for management planning and the legal
aspects of organisational start-up (there is an excellent online publication
called 'Commonwealth Assistance for Local Projects' outlining many of the
available grants at: http://www.dotrs.gov.au/regional/pub/ A few of us here
have contacts in this area so shout-out if you need further info.

2/ Have any volunteer coordinating bodies been approached to provide a
national Linux skill-base? (asked because of Summer's recent posting to
Aussiewide Bruce) - there are quite a number of groups who keep skilled
volunteers 'on tap' and are looking for specific opportunities (Teletask
could be another possibility).

3/ Has any thought been given to approaching the national Telecentre
networks for assistance? - (WA Telecentre network, the RTC in Vic or CTC in
NSW). These organisations are heavily involved in getting computers out into
communities, and may be able to offer some techo or financial assistance -
One thought that comes to mind is the State CTC Help-Desk established in NSW
(Bathurst) by the Office of Information and Technology - This is a
professional technical help centre for Windows and Linux providing free
techo services to NSW Telecentres - i.e. a CB recipient has a problem, rings
the local Telecentre (if they agree to help) and the State Help Desk
provides the answers - I'm not saying they would do it, but it couldn't hurt
to ask?

Cheers, Don

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